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By Octavio Hdz. Garcia

Tablets vs Textbooks?

On 27, Apr 2014 | In > Academic | By Octavio Hdz. Garcia

This topic was the basis of a project I created during my MFA in SCAD. An infographic animation that showed the benefits of using textbooks over tablets for k-12 students in the US.

It was based on an infographic spread which was where I got most of the graphics for this piece. The project was produced in pairs and I do want to mention Samantha Skone who worked with me with the art and conceptualization as well as the voice over for the piece.

This issue is important to consider because of the habits being formed in the young minds of students. There is a lot of information available nowadays, but have we reflected on the amount of info that stays in their minds?

I have included the original spread in this post.

Infographic Animation


Magazine Spread