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Featured Projects

Cad Toner: CensorshipCadToner - CensuraCadToner - Censura

On 15, Dec 2016 | In | By Octavio Hdz. Garcia

Cad Toner: Censorship

TV spot in which we participated with the visual effects, color correction and color grading, as well as the motion graphics animation. We did this project in collaboration with our friends at Quimera Films.

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UDESIGN 2016 – Emerging

On 15, Sep 2016 | In | By Octavio Hdz. Garcia

UDESIGN 2016 – Emerging

Quick animation to promote the upcoming design conference UDESIGN 2016. This animation was created cased on the vector art by Romualdo Faura and animated by Octavio Hernández García of Cofradia Studio.

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Cad Toner: Lady ImpresionesCadToner - Lady ImpresionesCadToner - Lady Impresiones

On 15, Jul 2016 | In | By Octavio Hdz. Garcia

Cad Toner: Lady Impresiones

TV spot we worked in collaboration with Quimera Films. In this project, we took care of the motion graphics animation showcasing the promo details and the end logo tag.

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Typography Conference

On 23, Apr 2016 | In | By Octavio Hdz. Garcia

Typography Conference

Tipográfico is the first annual typography conference organized by the Division of Art, Architecture, and Design (DAAD) at the University of Monterrey (UDEM). This animation was created as a promo for the event, and was posted in the event’s Facebook page.

The art was created by Prof. Eduardo Corral and the animation by Prof. Octavio Hdz. García.

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Cad Toner: TV SpotsCad Toner - Spots TVCad Toner - Spots TV

On 26, Dec 2014 | In | By Octavio Hdz. Garcia

Cad Toner: TV Spots

CadToner is an ink supplier company in Monterrey, MX. We have collaborated many times with their production house, Quimera Films, in order to create all the motion design needs for their campaigns.

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The Adventures of Paula PerilLas Aventuras de Paula PerilLas Aventuras de Paula Peril

On 23, Jul 2014 | In | By Octavio Hdz. Garcia

The Adventures of Paula Peril

This is the second time we worked with Exit Left Media to produce a title sequence for a Paula Peril movie. This time, the movie is programmed to be distributed in DVD, so it meant a bigger challenge. We created the title sequence, and transitions that would tie in the other movies included in this anthology. We made sure to maintain the same look and feel established in Midnight Whistle, but added a more organic effects to enhance the atmosphere in the panels.

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On 23, May 2014 | In | By Octavio Hdz. Garcia


Short animation created to promote a motion graphics workshop in Monterrey, MX. The animation shows a relationship between a basic square, a vector, and a keyframe, ending in a logo animation for the academy that is hosting the workshop: Tutograma.

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Collaborations: Exit Left Media

On 15, Mar 2014 | In | By Octavio Hdz. Garcia

Collaborations: Exit Left Media

The following are collaborations we did with the creative media company Exit Left Media, based in Atlanta, GA. Their projects have given us the opportunity to play around with them on some interesting action videos and some corporate work.

Our participations have included rotoscoping work, motion graphics, and other visual effects for their various productions.

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Collaborations: Quimera Films

On 15, Jan 2014 | In | By Octavio Hdz. Garcia

Collaborations: Quimera Films

The following are projects we did with a production house called Quimera Films, based in Monterrey, MX. They have produced great work with regional clients and have invited us from time to time to participate in their TV commercials and promos. Our studio’s participation involved a combination of motion graphics work and visual effects.

We have established a solid relationship with Quimera Films over the years so there’s more to show which will be posted here soon.

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On 23, Jun 2013 | In | By Octavio Hdz. Garcia


Promo animation created to showcase the way Tailorbet works. We designed and animated the 2D graphics and the animation was featured for a while in the company’s website and social media.

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Paula Peril: Midnight WhistlePaula Peril - Midnight WhistlePaula Peril - Midnight Whistle

On 22, Aug 2012 | In | By Octavio Hdz. Garcia

Paula Peril: Midnight Whistle

This was a first for us, to be able to create the title sequence of one of Atlanta’s beloved comic book characters: Paula Peril. The project was an independent movie in need of some comic book style sequence, that’s where we came in. Panels from the comic were re-drawn and animated, some more details were added for extra fun.

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Helvex: SpiraHelvex - SpiraHelvex - Spira

On 25, Mar 2012 | In | By Octavio Hdz. Garcia

Helvex: Spira

Television spot produced in order to promote a new line of faucets and shower heads with a very slick spiral form. We decided to model the faucet in 3D and mix it with footage of a ballet dancer. The result turned out great and we added some nice reflections on the surface of the faucet for extra fun.

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TNT Latin America: Stars AlignTNT Latino América - Las Estrellas se AlinearánTNT Latino América - Las Estrellas se Alinearán

On 22, Dec 2011 | In | By Octavio Hdz. Garcia

TNT Latin America: Stars Align

We had the opportunity to work in a project for TNT Latin America, in which we presented a concept involving three award shows: Oscars, SAG Awards, and The Golden Globes. The concept revolves around the events being stars that were coming down from space and crashing over Los Angeles.

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Coca-Cola: DeconstructionCoca-Cola - DeconstrucciónCoca-Cola - Deconstrucción

On 22, Apr 2011 | In | By Octavio Hdz. Garcia

Coca-Cola: Deconstruction

Coke Deconstruction was a conceptual project done for spec purposes. We broke up the logo and re-configured it to see what new and interesting combinations we could come up with. The result was this abstract piece that combined audio from old coke commercials and cut-outs of photos taken from the Coca-Cola Museum in Altanta, GA.

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Tunica TravelTunica TravelTunica Travel

On 15, Mar 2011 | In | By Octavio Hdz. Garcia

Tunica Travel

TV spot for Tunica Travel, we collaborated with the motion graphics animation with the talented team of Exit Left Media. We aimed for a dynamic, fast-paced spot that would invite people to get out and have a good time.

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