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Collaborations: Quimera FilmsHelvexPlomería García

On 09, Jul 2011 | In | By Octavio Hdz. Garcia

Collaborations: Quimera Films

Commercial > TV Spot
Client: Quimera Films
Duration: Various

The following are projects we did with a production house called Quimera Films, based in Monterrey, MX. They have produced great work with regional clients and have invited us from time to time to participate in their TV commercials and promos. Our studio’s participation involved a combination of motion graphics work and visual effects.

We have established a solid relationship with Quimera Films over the years so there’s more to show which will be posted here soon.

Plomería García: 60 Aniversario

Helvex: Día de las Madres

Helvex: Migitorio TDS v1

Helvex: Migitorio TDS v2