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Motion Design Workshops

Motion Design Workshops

Series of motion design workshops run by Cofradia Studio’s director, Octavio Hernández García, M.F.A. These workshops are designed to provide industry leading knowledge to enthusiastic attendees with little to no experience in the field of animation. The workshops cover 4 topics: vector animation, kinetic typography, frame by frame animation using photoshop, and 2d character animation.

Starting Dates:

  • MDW: Vector Animation
  • MDW: Kinetic Typography
  • MDW: 2D Character Animation
  • MDW: Frame by Frame in Photoshop


Morelos 343 – Espacios para Evolucionar


DAAD vLog – Student Showcase

Vimeo channel dedicated to display the work done by students of the University of Monterrey (UDEM) in the courses of video and animation.