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My Ultra Interactive Online Portfolio.

Cofradía Studio: Demo Reel

Cad Toner: Censorship

Cad Toner: Lady Impresiones

UDESIGN 2016 – Emerging

OECD: Better Life Index

Typography Conference

Cad Toner: TV Spots

The Birds – Title Sequence

Tec de Monterrey: Territorium

3D Samples

CSL Conference

Heritage Plastics

Logo Animations


UCALLI: Homeowner Manual

Collaborations: Exit Left Media

The Adventures of Paula Peril

Federal Highway Administration: Video Modules

Helvex: Spira


TNT Latin America: Stars Align

Paula Peril: Midnight Whistle

Collaborations: Quimera Films

The Tell-Tale Heart

Tunica Travel

Coca-Cola: Deconstruction